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23 April 2014

A little mail art...

So, the second mail art swap of 2014 has wrapped up, and now it's time to share a bit of it.  First up I'm going to share some of the mail I sent, then over the next couple of posts I'm going to share what the other participants did.

Eighteen lovely ladies signed up to play this time, and as I've done with the other exchanges I've hosted, I made a postcard for everyone who played.  Since the theme was "spring", and since I was (and still am) into painting folk art flowers, everything I did centered around flowers in some way.

All were 4" x 6", and all were done on 140 lb watercolour paper, one of my favorite surfaces to work with.

I used pinks and yellows and blues for the most part... all somewhat more "pastel" than I usually do, even if they aren't really all that pastel.

Some of them had hearts as the "vase"...

Lots were tulips, but even a few daisies made it in... even if they are more of a summer flower.

All in all, I was pleased with how they turned out.  Eventually I am really going to have to start making myself one of whatever I do too...

Up next... even more mail art.  See you next post!

22 April 2014

I made someone cry...

But, they were good tears, really.

Stephany (one of the ladies I work with) had found a piece she loved and wanted for her house, but it was gone when she'd gone back to get it, it was gone.  She had talked about wanting to make something similar, but wasn't really sure where to start.  So, since she'd taken a photo of it, I suggested that she text me the photo, and when I went out I'd look for an appropriate size, at least somewhat affordable canvas for her to use. 

I admit, I lied to her.  Finding a canvas that was large enough was my intent, but I needed to see the saying so that I could recreate it on said canvas for her.  Way back in the stone age, when we used chisels and hammers, I had a wonderful teacher who taught me how to do calligraphy... and I've done my share of it over the years... so I knew exactly where to begin. 

I visited my local Hobby Lobby on Friday, found a canvas large enough (2 feet by 3 feet), and very reasonably priced.  I called Stephany to let her know I had found the canvas and had gone ahead and picked it up since it was so reasonably priced (if she decided she didn't want it I'd just use it for something), and that I'd bring it in on Monday. 

And I did.  I turned the painted side away so she wouldn't immediately see it, and left it in her office for her to find.  And, luckily, I happened to be in the office across the hall when she got to work.  She was surprised with something she loves (and who doesn't love that on a Monday)  but, what I got was so very much more... I got to see what it looks like to have someone truly appreciate my work.  That's just priceless.

Now, the rest of this week I'll be sharing mail art... and we'll be gearing up for the next exchange... don't miss that!

21 April 2014

She is her mother's daughter...

My Little One sent me a text one day last week asking where she could find that powdered egg stuff for royal frosting.  Hmm... royal frosting.  So I sent her a note back asking her how much she needed since it can be sorta expensive when you are on a just starting out kind of budget. 

She didn't need much, so I told her the best place to get it was in my pantry... right next to the paste coloring, tips, emulsion, couplers and bags if she needed them.  She dropped by after she had taken my grand-kitten for his vet visit (apparently, he was not happy, but he is a fat little kitty) so she could grab a few things.  She wanted to make cookies.  Not just any cookies, but pretty cookies.

I had to smile.  My genes are strong in that one, they are.  

Saturday, after my visit with my dad, I stopped over to pick her up so we could spend some mother and daughter time (she's good about spending time with her old mom).  Of course, I had to go check out the cookies before we did anything.

Even the colors look familiar, don't they?  She really is her mother's daughter.

I think she did a marvelous job.  Even more so considering this is the first she's really done all on her own.  She must have been paying attention all those years, huh?

Next up, I'm supposed to teach her how to sew... Looking forward to that.  I've enjoyed my children at all their ages, from newborn even through those teenage years... and I'm really lovin' this whole grown up daughter thing.  Who knew it would be so much fun?

17 April 2014

A bug in the works...

I'm sure you've all heard it by now, but there is a bug out there that has left us all a bit more vulnerable than what we thought.

So, after reading this article, I spent most of my evening changing my passwords...

Graphic courtesy of LWGConsulting via Mashable.com
Of course, that means I've spent most of my morning resetting my passwords because I've already forgotten them...

And just in case you need to change some passwords, here's another list...

16 April 2014

That nagging internal critic...

Good article about dealing with your inner critic... check it out over at Daily Good.

15 April 2014

It was a Monday...

Some Mondays seem more a Monday than others... you know what I mean?  I changed my morning routine yesterday and the whole day seemed to just fall apart.  Ah well, a few days and it will become the norm. 

I spent some time at the cemetery this weekend.  It's a strange spring.  Usually there are waves of different things blooming right now, but the winter was so difficult it seems like everything burst all at once.  The quince was blooming.  These always remind me of my Grandmother, she had a bush near her house.  My lilac is ready to burst, and I guess I'll have to be covering it tonight.  Snow is coming... again.  The weather man is predicting a couple of nights of hard freeze.  It is way too late in the year to be dealing with this crap.

I did get in several walks with the dog this weekend.  Worked on a couple of projects.  Got several pieces of gorgeous mail art that I can't wait to share with you.  And, I dropped in at Michael's.  While I try not to give them tons of my business (since I have written their corporate three times in the last year with zero responses) they had a sale going on their canvases, 67% off is difficult to pass up. So now there are sixteen new canvases sitting in my studio waiting for paint.

Every day on my way to have lunch with my father I drive by this...

The parking lot doesn't thrill me, but there is something about the trees on the ridge that intrigues me.  Maybe it's the vast expanse of blue sky.  Maybe it's because it sort of reminds me of a hill across from the farm I grew up on. 

In my head it translates to this...

Purple trees.  See, some things never change, even from all the way back in kindergarten.  And now there are only 15 canvases waiting.

So, how was your weekend?

12 April 2014

Early morning in the cemetery...

You all know how much I love this place...

All taken between 8:00 am and 10:00 am, April 12, 2014 in The Lexington Cemetery.


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